Autism Learning Center, Kalamazoo Region, Michigan


Providing Kalamazoo-area children and families with the proven benefits of an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program is the focus of the Autism Learning Center in Kalamazoo. Pre-school and school-aged children on the autism spectrum receive highly individualized one-on-one attention from Board Certified Behavior Analysts in a nurturing environment.

The Center is located inside Voyage Church at 6339 Atlantic Avenue near the intersection of Stadium Drive and 8th Avenue, west of U.S. 131. It is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Specialized skill-building techniques, behavior consulting, parent training and support services are provided on a flexible schedule.

Betsy Thomas, MA, LLP, BCBA serves as Clinical Site Director for the Kalamazoo region. She and an expert team of therapists provide an intensive ABA program that includes Behavior Consulting, Recreation and Social Skills activities, and Resources for you and other families in need.

Program Features
•  Individualized ABA therapy program developed for each child by Board Certified Behavior Analysts
•  ABA Therapy program carried out by trailed ABA Therapists working 1:1 with each child
•  Programs address skills in the areas of communication, play, socialization and daily living
•  Separate classrooms available for younger and older children
•  Onsite Speech-Language Pathologist

Questions regarding services in the Kalamazoo region may be directed to
Betsy Thomas, Clinical Site Director
(269) 353-9533

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